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Hi, I’m Olaf, welcome! 

Ever since I could afford my first own camera, my interest in photography only grew. First, of course, in analog form… I can still remember traveling with a rather heavy 10kg-rucksack full of my SLR gear, with 6 or 7 lenses and a tripod… Yes, there were a few years when family, job and other interests pushed photography somewhat into the background… when the camera was only brought along during the annual family vacation… but, it never went away. 
I am happy that now with the modern mirrorless digital cameras, photography has become more convenient, and most important: a lot lighter! Our daughter has long moved out, construction projects around the house are finished, so now we find ourselves spending the weekends more often outside, exploring nature around where we live (near Frankfurt, Germany). For many years we have been traveling to Japan, where not only our common interest in (and my „job“ as a teacher of) the Japanese Art of Aikido leads us regularly. We simply love it there, country, people, culture, nature… 日本が大好きです。 Here at home we love to spend time in the nearby Rhön mountains… a wonderful nature reserve only one hour by car, which is rarely featured on Instagram and other modern media, but has so much to offer! Most of all: quiet, relaxed nature off the beaten track…  
My take on photography is a rather meditative one… I have no interest to chase sunrises or sunsets, or to compete with the myriads of color-bursting Instagram shots, which I almost cannot stand to look at anymore. For me photography is not a competition, and it’s not a hunt. I love nature, long walks, in the weather and light that is, here and now. I love feeling my surroundings, being one with what nature has created and marveling at it. This is also how I want to photograph, calmly and without haste. Accepting what is. Feeling it. Being. 
And then, enjoying a delicious coffee and cake 😋